We value our partners. We value what our partners say. Here what they have to say below.
  • Reginald Andre at ARK Solvers, Inc.

  • Bill Willett at Reliable IT

  • Ted Warner, Owner of Connecting Point

  • The Wasmer Culture

“I discovered Virtual Partner Advantage by going to an industry conference because I was having a lot of issues in my business and I wanted to learn how to maximize my PSA software. After I attended the sessions with Michelle Bournstein about automating the tools in Autotask. I was amazed at all the things we were not doing and how much man hours we were wasting doing things manually. What I realized that the amount of money that I was paying my bookkeeper who didn’t know Autotask and then that my staff was not fully utilizing Autotask – I saw that I would be able to do a lot of cost savings by going to virtual partner advantage. The advantage I received was that now under one roof I had accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, controller services, that everyone knew Autotask and everyone was on my team helping our business grow.

What employees are saying