Our Partners

Our partnerships are what sets us apart.
Thank you for making that possible!

- Charlotte

The Advantage of being a PARTNER of Ours

As a business partner, you will experience advantages that will help grow your business and to solve/answer your current business needs. We partner with our clients and support them in maximizing their existing capabilities.  This partnership offers a way to significantly increase their competitive advantage and improve their bottom line.  We give unbelievable service in a proactive way focused on providing value to  our clients businesses. By collaborating with our high caliber resource group, we are able to work more intelligently as a team which yields success. We are grateful to have acquired such an excellent team comprised of people who are: Ethical, Passionately Committed, Provide Service Excellence, are accountable, are people of possibility, thirst for knowledge and are selfless servants. Join our advantage now and become our Partner!


  • Arksolvers - Miami, FL
    I left Louisiana feeling that I truly had a 27 person team behind ARK Solvers with so much expertise. I have a big advantage over my local competitors who I know are struggling with everything you guys do for us.
    Reginald Andre
  • Reliable IT
    If I had to describe VPA in three words it would be Difficult… but I’d have to just look and put it in a summary form. People, Analysis and Success
    Bill Willett
  • “Krystal does a great job with collections.  She gets that it is not about just calling the customer but that the job is about collecting the funds.  Therefore she does what it takes to contact the client like using people’s cell phones or Facebook to contact clients to get ahold of them.  She is the best we have ever had in collections before.”
    Aaron Biehl
  • "Thank you again for your dedicated attention to this urgent request. You stayed with it to completion and I really appreciate your support"
    Kelly G
  • CEO, SBT Partners

    I used to be the catch-all for everything at the business but now VPA acts as a shield for me so I’m not ‘bothered’ by all the background administration tasks that come with owning a business.  VPA does an excellent job at keeping me informed of everything that is going on. I am very thankful for all VPA does to make my job easier.

    Dan Rahko