Our Company

Our partnerships are what sets us apart.
Thank you for making that possible!

- Charlotte

The Advantage of being a PARTNER of Ours

Have you ever wondered why big and small businesses form strategic partnerships with other companies? Below are 6 reasons we feel Virtual Partner Advantage’s partnership will benefit your business.
  1. Partners bridge the gaps in Expertise and Knowledge
  2. Partners strengthen weaker aspects of your business
  3. Partners enable better work life balance
  4. Partners bring new perspectives & ideas
  5. Partners work together to improve success & profitability
  6. Partners provide more resources

It is best stated by C.S. Lewis, “Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.”


VPA's mission is to offer unbelievable service, maximum value and distinctive results from innovative solutions.


To provide solutions to challenges our client partners have with their SystemsProcessesResources, and Financial Performance that will maximize their existing capabilities and significantly increase their competitive advantage.


To provide unbelievable service and maximum value to our client partners and have a close, caring and fun work family culture.

Our Culture


  • Ethical


    Ethical in every aspect of their jobs.  We seek to do right by our clients, each other, and their own moral compass.  Our employees put the best interest of the client and each other first and are passionately committed.

  • Passionately Committed

    Passionately Committed

    Passionately Committed to achieving the highest level of excellence in work and in their personal lives. Each employee takes his/her job seriously and is excited by the ability to offer expertise in order to create value for each of our clients. This passionate desire to create value is expected to cultivate and nurture a culture of service excellence. 

  • Service Excellence

    Service Excellence

    Service Excellence within our company. Our employees dedicate themselves to constantly improving their level of service to each and every client as well as to each other and to deliver services promptly, warmly, and in a way, that uplifts the client and delivers an experience more than a provided service. In so doing, each employee strives to be accountable. 

  • Accountable


    Accountable to the client, each other, and themselves. We display promptness, the ability to prioritize efficiently and thoughtfully, and follow through required to complete a task when it is assigned and take ownership and responsibility of that task. Not only are we accountable for their tasks and responsibilities, but their positive response to these challenges and obstacles makes them people of possibility.

  • People of Possibility

    People of Possibility

    People of Possibility who never back down from difficult challenges. We look at new challenges as opportunities to grow the company, improve their expertise and learning, and provide new and exciting services and value to our clients. This proactive and sometimes competitive reaction to new situations and problems showcases each employee’s thrist for knowledge. 

  • Thirst for Knowledge

    Thirst for Knowledge

    Our organization is growing into a learning culture thanks to each employee constantly wanting to learn more and improve him/herself.  Our employees actively seek feedback that can help them grow as individuals and as service providers to our clients. 

  • Selfless Servants

    Selfless Servants

    Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, our employees are selfless servants, Constantly seeking out ways to help one another and to put the needs of others, clients especially, ahead of their own wishes and agendas.  This does not make them servile, but it cultivates good will within our organization and externally, including all clients and people who experience the selfless actions and uplifting service provided by each and every employee every single day.