Do you know your numbers?
What are your unique system needs?
How many high caliber employees are on your team?
What are the benefits of optimizing your processes and systems?



Virtual Partner Advantage is an industry leader providing VALUABLE solutions to technology companies nationwide. Our solutions revolve around the business functions of Systems, Processes, Resources, and Financial Performance.  We partner with our clients to help them maximize their existing capabilities thus providing a way to significantly increase their competitive advantage.


  • I’ve recommended VPA to all my friends and colleagues in the it industry because I know the boat that they were in – from having collections past due over 160 days to having charges on your account that you had no idea what they were for– Virtual Partner Advantage really helped solve a lot of issues for me.
    - Reginald Andre
  • Companies always portray they are a family. But what I saw from your team was truly a tight-knit and passionate group.
    - Reginald Andre
  • If I had to describe VPA in three words it would be Difficult… but I’d have to just look and put it in a summary form.
    People, Analysis and Success
    - Bill Willett
  • “We have a Hot mess of a system and after talking with you for 10 minutes I can’t wait to clean it up!”
    - Kelly
  • I used to be the catch-all for everything at the business but now VPA acts as a shield for me so I’m not ‘bothered’ by all the background administration tasks that come with owning a business.  VPA does an excellent job at keeping me informed of everything that is going on. I am very thankful for all VPA does to make my job easier.
    - Dan Rahko