How many high caliber employees are on your team?

Maintaining a healthy bottom line requires keeping expenses in check.  In the technology industry the largest expense on the P&L is compensation.   Employees are the backbone to your company. So, How do you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your resources?


According to Bradford Smart in his book Topgrading…"A-Players are your most valuable employees.  These people have great attitudes. They always work smarter.  They take initiative and go the extra mile. These are the people you trust to get the job done.  A-Players are good communicators who work as a team to accomplish goals. They also contribute more than other employees." 

Dr. Sabrina Starling in her book, How to Hire the Best, states …"One A-Player typically does the equivalent of 9 C-Players or 12 D-Players."

Are all of your resources high caliber employees? What is the amount of profit bleeding out due to poor staff performance?

Virtual Partner Advantage has a large team of A-Players with extensive experience in the technology industry.  The team is willing and able to take on functions that would allow you to focus on what you do best. To tackle today's competitive business market, you need a scalable, cost-effective advantage.  Our team of resources can handle duties such as but not limited to Controller Functions, Creating and Reviewing your financials, Accounts Receivable, Systematizing your processes, Accounts Payable, Human Resources and Payroll Functions, Service Billing Functions, etc. There are a few things to consider when evaluating your Resource team.  Do you have high caliber employees? Of those employees, are they being utilized to generate the most revenue possible? How much of your or your staff's time is spent doing things that are not revenue generating that should and could be done by someone else? For example, is your top performing engineer entering accounting data. Ensuring you have high caliber employees that are fully utilized in their area of expertise is another way we can help you optimize your business.  The team at Virtual Partner Advantage will partner with you by delivering high caliber outsourced resources with skills and experience in the technology industry.

Virtual Partner Advantage will be the competitive advantage that will allow you to meet your goals and maximize your value. The single largest operating costs most companies have is resource costs.  Effective and efficient deployment of all resources throughout the organization is a vital element in optimization. Hiring the right people and maximizing their skills and knowledge is increasingly becoming a challenge.  Thus, companies are looking for outside partners to take advantage of their skills and expertise as a result, gaining a huge competitive advantage.    

In the rapid changing working world employee skills and know how is fast becoming obsolete. The thought process behind buying related skill sets has become a real strategy, especially in the technology industry.  For example, staffing companies and Manage Service providers offer resources to their clients. Do you have a team of experts delivering exceptional work and service in your organization today?  You sell technical resources, have you ever considered buying back-office and accounting resources?

Companies today need to utilize a new way to compete by focusing on optimization of all areas of the existing business. Virtual Partner Advantage can help reduce costs by increasing efficiencies and effectiveness by partnering with us and taking advantage of our resource team experts. Partnering with VPA can give you the access to a wider range of expertise for many parts of your business. Ask yourself what growth goals a partnership can help you achieve that you could not do alone.   Join the advantage today!