Let’s start by defining processes and systems.  A process is the step by step activity that produces a consistent and accurate result, time after time, regardless of who does it or when it is done.   A system is an application that can be used to aid in processes performed.  Using technology systems to effectively optimize your processes will reap benefits such as consistency and accuracy, reduction in costs, improved customer experience, increased efficiencies, decreased resource needs, higher utilization of resources, higher productivity and ultimately higher PROFITABILITY.

By utilizing the functionality of your systems (Autotask, ConnectWise, Quosal, QuickBooks, SouthWare, Great Plains, etc.) and reducing redundant, manual and unnecessary activities through process re-design, VPA can help you reap the benefits of optimization.

Every business uses systems for functions like accounting, marketing, ticketing, billing, payroll, etc.  However, the majority of businesses only use a small percentage of the features and functionality of their systems.  Focusing on increasing that percentage to optimize your processes and systems can be the edge needed to be more competitive and successful.  What percentage of your systems are you using today?  Do you have manual processes revolving around your systems?  Are your processes and systems functioning at 100% today?  Are there any gaps in the systems? Are the processes efficient? Have you ever considered giving them a re-design?   We are laser focused on processes and systems of businesses in the technology industry and can help you bridge the gap.

Re-designing your processes and systems to streamline your business will increase the overall effectiveness, efficiency and utilization of your systems and resources required to achieve performance optimization and improved profitability.  Process optimization is not just the automation of tasks to reduce the amount of time spent performing them, it also includes reducing errors and eliminating unnecessary tasks, while introducing intelligence in implementing standardization and systemization to improve the overall workflow. Some ways we have helped our partners to reap the benefits of process and system optimization include:

  • ISSUE:  Our partner was generating over 100 help desk tickets per week for a particular client and having to populate many fields in the ticket with the same information every time.

  • SOLUTION: Our Value team created a template that auto populated redundant fields reducing data entry to 2 required fields.

  • BENEFITS OBTAINED:  Our partner has benefited from improved consistency and accuracy of data entry and a significant reduction in time spent by their helpdesk staff, thus improving the profitability of the contract with their client.


  • ISSUE:  One partner was creating a manual report for review of billing prior to invoices being sent to clients

  • SOLUTION:  We wrote a system report to populate the required information eliminating the need for manual population of the information...  Also scheduled the report to auto generate and be emailed prior to billing cycle.

  • BENEFITS OBTAINED:   Our partner is benefiting from the reduction of manual efforts and time to generate a recurring report.  Resources can now be re-allocated to more productive and revenue generating tasks.   Billing is more accurate and requires less time to generate.


With over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry and knowledge and expertise in best practices, Virtual Partner Advantage can redesign your systems and business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance.  How can you reap benefits of system and processes optimization?  Become a partner and let us help you re-design your processes and configure your systems for optimization.  Join the Advantage today!